Sugar & Zoe

Mother and daughter

A mother would do anything for her baby.

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Late 2022 we were informed of thirteen sheep in desperate need of our help. Rushing to the scene we found these beautiful beings in appalling conditions. Many were extremely emaciated, with worm-filled bellies and no access to shade or shelter.

With the help of our tireless foster team, we were able to rescue all thirteen. Heartbreakingly one Ewe did not make it. She was in a horrific condition and after the journey, with her lamb finally in safe and loving hands, she passed away.

It was a heartbreaking loss for our team but we promised it would not be in vain, we would continue to fight for the remaining twelve.

This is Zoe, she was in the most severe condition of all the rescues and in need of a lot of care and attention.

We would also like you to meet Zoe’s beautiful lamb, Sugar.

As the selfless mother Zoe is, she has sacrificed her own strength to keep her baby alive. With Zoe’s sacrifice, Sugar began to thrive in a life she deserved, loved and safe.

This is what your kind donations, proper care and compassion can make possible, this was Zoe after a few short months in foster care.

We do not believe Zoe suffered at the hands of cruel people. Instead, we chose to believe it is with those who knew no different. Ignorance running so deep in society that many are unaware. Unaware of proper care, treatment and protocol.

We chose to offer compassion, always. And implore anyone, if you find yourself unable to care for your farm animals in Australia and need help, advice or support – we are here. We have a team passionate about re-educating and supporting those who want it, without judgment.

Nothing changes overnight, but with one mind changed we are one step closer to changing the world.

Zoe’s transformation is a testament to how powerful this really is. Someone noticed her struggle and chose to ask for help, now she is thriving.

This is the flock now – Stumpy, Hilde, Eloise, Asha, Tilly, Heidi, Gus, Zoe and Sugar.

Our team worked tirelessly until we finally found their perfect forever home.

“Thank you so much for letting us be part of the lives of these beautiful animals. Myself, my husband and kids are getting so much joy out of our new family members and we hope we will have so many years to give them the lives they deserve.” – their new family.

Zoe sacrificed so much and finally, with your support, her baby Zoe will live a full and happy life.


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