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It has been a challenging couple of months for everyone since Covid-19 emerged. As the crisis seems to be reducing in severity, we wanted to take the time to share how the Covid pandemic impacted us at ‘Til The Cows Come Home.

Despite the added challenges Covid-19 brought, we have been working hard to rehome the animals that individuals and farmers needed rehoming, as we usually would. We know the last few months were a trying time for us all, and we saw an increase in families having to surrender their much-loved pets to us so we could rehome them. Despite the lockdown restrictions we were still able to receive animals and find them furever homes following the social distancing guidelines set out by the Government. We were able to follow the restrictions firstly through our online adoption process whereby we post to our socials any animals we have received, and people submit an application to our online adoption consultants. After an extensive adoption process, ensuring that any prospective adopters are well-meaning and quality adopters, we had to think of an alternative method to getting the animal to their new furever home. Unfortunately, some of our holding stations had to temporally close adding to the covid challenge. To counter this obstacle, we came up with drive throughs to adhere to social distancing. The drive through method involved us changing adoption day to instead being a single person/family adoption drive through to pick up their new animal.

Our new method has been up and running for a while and we have seen thousands of animals, specifically hens being rehomed thanks to big-hearted adopters. With this new method we didn’t just persevere through covid, we expanded by rehoming more than 10 times the usual numbers and opening new holding stations. We saw 1602 hen adoptions! Usually these hens would have stayed at our holding station between 3-21 days before they were adopted. During this time, the hens came in and went out within 24-48 hours. How incredible is that! We hope to continue to rehome at this increased rate as we build the trust of more and more farmers and find more and more potential adopters bridging the gap between farmers with unviable animals and adopters with loving furever homes. This method has proved to be working well, ensuring the safety of all and has allowed us to continue making everyday homes sanctuaries for these deserving animals, as we would normally be doing.

We believe that now more than ever we need to strive for a world where people view farmed animals with the same warmth, and offer the same rights, afforded to domestic pets. We do our part to achieve this by working with farmers to rehome their unviable animals who would otherwise be destined to a darker fate, and by working with families to make their everyday homes sanctuaries for these deserving animals. We are proud to say that during these challenging times, such as covid-19, the Australian bushfires and the drought, we have been able to persevere and continue to give animals their second chance at a furever, loving home and have already reopened our Sydney holding station, another in Newcastle NSW and more which will be update you on when they are officially open.  

Unfortunately, we didn’t achieve the funding that we needed in order to get the transport to help even more hens. If you would like to help us achieve this funding, even though the fundraiser is over, we always accept and greatly appreciate donations;  

By Luella Botteon