Olivia & Eleanor

Sisters by choice

These two are sisters by choice. Eleanor being more shy and wary Olivia took her under her wing.

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We were left with a very important task – Olivia and Eleanor would have been euthanised if we didn’t find a home for them as a matter of urgency.

Thankfully, at the very last minute, one of our incredible Foster Carers stood forward to take them into temporary foster care.

These two are sisters by choice. Eleanor being more shy and wary Olivia took her under her wing. Olivia is confident, curious and above all loving.

Olivia found baby Eleanor and made a promise every big sister makes – a promise to love and protect her little sister, the pair have been inseparable ever since.

They held each other closely as they waited to find their forever home.

There’s no doubt Olivia and Eleanor would have felt lost without their beloved owner – and confused by their new surroundings. They needed lots of patience and love – all of which our team were honoured to provide.

Sadly, pigs are often overlooked when it comes to adoption. Our adoption team worked tirelessly, never giving up hope.

The process was a long one, where calves could be adopted in a matter of days, Olivia and Eleanor were continuously left behind.

Then finally it happened! This beautiful pair were adopted. We are elated to say Olivia and Eleanor finally have their happily ever after.

They have now moved into the most beautiful home and are settling in perfectly.

Providing them sanctuary, food and medical care for so long was costly – none of this would be possible without your kind donations.

Thank you for keeping Olivia and Eleanor safe, thank you for never giving up on them.


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