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During lockdown, everyone has found their inner creativity; with some of us baking, taking up yoga for the first time or and running 5km for charity! But it seems like one thing has become universal – hosting a zoom quiz. Quizzing has helped us all still feel connected and ignited that Friday feeling again!

We’ve put together some udderly great cow questions for you to use at your next quiz!

Q1 How many stomach’s do cows have?
A: Four – cows have four stomachs which break down tough and coarse food through their special digestive systems.

Q2 What is the difference between veal and beef?
A: Veal is the meat which comes from calves, and beef the meat which comes from bovine generally 12-24 months of age.

Q4 Cows can detect odors up to six miles away. True or False?
A: True! They have a very acute sense of smell.

Q5 How much was the most expensive cow sold for?
A: $1.2 million – at an auction in Toronto in 2009, her name was Missy!

Q6 Cows can see the colour red. True or False?
A: False, the red flags used by matadors only catch a bull’s attention because of the movement.

Q7 Cows have no upper front teeth. True or False?
A: True!

Q8 How many teeth do cows have?
A: 32

Q9 Cows can sleep while they’re standing. True or False?
A: True! However if they want a deep sleep, they’ll lie down like the rest of us.

Quiz tip:
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By Sinead Reilly