Sweetest boy

The forgotten pig – finds his forever home.

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As a rescue pig, he was sadly overlooked time and time again. Was he not cute enough?

This little guy was hand-raised from just three weeks old. He had a difficult start to life, he was the runt, rejected by his family.

Heartbreakingly he was often brutally attacked by his family, leaving him broken and alone. In one attack, they bit off the end of his tail and left him with a broken foot.

A kind family saw his pain and took him in, giving him a home, and mending him back to health.

He was loved deeply by this family, but sadly their property was not suitable for a pig who would eventually grow into a big boy. So, they had to make the heartbreaking decision to give him up.

His family had done all they could for him to make him safe, he now needed to find a place to call home.

Wiggy is as sweet as they come. He goes nuts for scratches of any kind and if you get the right spot he will collapse on the ground like a puppy.

Pigs are known for eating just about anything, but Wiggy likes his dinner prepared “properly” and eats it like a gentleman – no mess no fuss.

Even as the most perfect boy you could imagine, and the tireless work of our adoption team, it still took almost a year to find him a home.

But thanks to our incredible Foster Carers and the generous donations of the ‘Til The Cows community, we were able to house him in a safe and loving environment for as long as he needed.

We wanted to ensure he went to the best home possible, and with you by our side, we were able to make that possible.

It’s thanks to the generosity of people like you that Wiggy is now in his forever home, living his best life, surrounded by love.

Each dollar you choose to give to protect animals like Wiggy makes an impact.


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