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You may have seen that we at ‘Til The Cows Come Home rehome cows, hens and ducks, but did you know you can also adopt goats from us?

Goats make fantastic companion animals for both people and other animals as they are social animals. Goats not only get along with cows, sheep, or horses but also most cats and dogs. A farmers unwanted goats could be the perfect addition to your home, but first consider this key information before adopting a goat from us:

Check your local government first before adopting from us! Most councils in Australia allow you to have pet goats provided you register your property with the state government and have sufficient space to keep them happy and healthy.

Goats are herd animals and need the company of at least one other goat to be happy and healthy.

Don’t forget like a dog, if you adopt a goat they require grooming too! The basic grooming procedures include hoof trimming; ear cleaning; and brushing of their coats.

Goats are active and playful which means if you wish to adopt a goat your property needs to be big enough for a goat and needs to have an appropriate fence. This ensures that your goat can roam and graze as they wish.

Goats live between 10 to 15 years which means by agreeing to adopt a goat you are making a 10 to 15 year commitment depending on the age of the goat you are adopting. We rehome our rescued animals with the absolute intention that your adoption will give them a forever home! So please make sure this is your intention too.
Many of you may not be aware but there are approximately 68 dairy goat farms and 15 goat milk factories across Australia. The majority of the mother goats are deemed to be waste after their milk production decreases, at a few years of age. Many of their kids are also deemed waste at birth because the mother is regularly impregnated in order to continually produce milk. It is the goats trapped in these industry’s that we endeavour to rescue and find a forever home for so they can live out their lives freely. It is not only our organisation that is saving goats lives by rescuing them, it is also you that is saving lives by adopting them! #adoptdontshop. To see what goats and other animals we have available for adoption today click here: and to apply to adopt a goat today visit this link:

By Luella Botteon