Scrumpy & Paul

From a life set to prematurely end to a journey of hope and healing. This is Scrumpy and Paul.  Scrumpy and Paul faced a grim fate, their futures unknown. When the ‘Til The Cows Come Home team got the call, Scrumpy’s condition was severe. Before turning to us, his owners, unable to provide the necessary […]

Larry & Curly 

With a love for soccer and milk time, this duo is full of life.  Larry and Curly were born into this world as the byproduct of their mother’s milk production – their life worth nothing more.   Just like humans, cows need to give birth to produce milk. As a result, each year in Australia, […]

Milo & Snickers 

From a life set to prematurely end, to a resilience that could inspire the masses. This is Milo and Snickers. Milo and Snickers were given a death sentence from the moment they were born. Their innocence was overlooked. Their only charge… being born male on a dairy farm. Each year in Australia, over 400,000 calves […]

Thorne & Sprout  

Image of two calves named Thorne and Sprout.

Rescued and safe, Thorne and Sprout are now seeking a happy ever after.  Each year in Australia, over 400,000 calves are born on dairy farms and are deemed as “waste” or “surplus”. Thorne and Sprout were two of those calves. From the moment they were born, males on a dairy farm, they faced the unimaginable […]

Angus, Love & Jessie

Hi animal lovers, our names are Angus, Jessie and Love, and we are three of the luckiest calves that were rescued from a dairy farm at only 1 week of age. We have been in foster care since our rescue, receiving the very best of care and endless love, but we really want to find […]