Betty & Beau  

Betty and Beau are two cuties with a contagious love for the small things in life. Taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, Betty and Beau have endured a traumatic start to life, a beginning no living being deserves. Male calves born on dairy farms are commonly deemed as “waste” or “surplus”, as they […]

Bingo & Bluey

Image of two calfs named Bingo and Bluey

Please meet Bingo and Bluey, two affectionate rescue calves that thrive on love and attention. They have a love for life shown through their playfulness and the warmth they give to their carer. Right away, you’ll notice their curiosity as they gracefully explore their surroundings. Bluey and Bingo are two peas in a pod, always […]

Lenny & Cinnamon

Image of two calfs named Lenny and Cinnamon

Introducing our extraordinary duo, Lenny and Cinnamon, who happen to be twins! Cinnamon, with a heart-shaped marking on her head, wears her love right on her sleeve… well, on her fur! But rest assured, her affection extends beyond just her appearance. So, if you’re ready to have your heart stolen, keep reading. Lenny, on the other hand, isn’t […]

Brutus & Buster

Image of two cows named Brutus and Buster

Meet Brutus and Buster, a remarkable duo of two hand-raised steers who are on the lookout for a new home, together. Their personalities are described as placid and inquisitive. They’re always eager to know what you’re up to and are known for their charming tendency to follow you around. With Brutus and Buster around, you’ll […]

Bernard, Biscuit & Franklin

Three brown jersey calves named Bernard, Biscuit and Franklin.

From Dairy Farm to Forever Home Meet Bernard, Biscuit, and Franklin! These adorable Jersey calves were rescued from a dairy farm, and now they’re looking for a forever home, ready to steal your heart. Born into a life of uncertainty on a dairy farm, fate had something better in store for these lucky calves. With […]

Christmas & Jett

Introducing you to Christmas and Jett. Christmas was rescued from a dairy farm, and Jett was rescued from a small beef farm as he was rejected by his mother. Both calves were taken into foster care where they have been loved and cared for. Both calves are described by their foster carer as being ‘little […]

Jeremy & Ferdinand

Hi animal lover, we are Jeremy and Ferdinand, brothers and best friends searching for a home to call our forever. Can that home be with you? If bottle-feeding little ones isn’t your thing, then that’s great, because we experienced lawnmowers. We have been in our current home since we were only 6 months old but […]